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Hi, I’m Lisa!

I’m your boundary BFF!

I’m a recovering people pleaser.

Happily married, boy mum, step mum, fur-kid mum, who is OBSESSED with helping women to take back control of their own lives.

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  2. Decide what kind of life YOU actually want
  3. Learn how to say NO to everything that isn’t that

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I recently purchased Lisa’s boundaries course. From start to finish I couldn’t be more satisfied!
Purchase was a simple process as was accessing the course! It starts with a short, informative introduction. This is followed by the basics section, this can hit home hard, I needed tissues, it’s easily relatable and Lisa speaks from the heart in a sensitive manner! I absolutely loved the ‘mindset’ section, very interesting content during which something just clicked for me, great tools and simple guides to use them so not to become overwhelmed- best thing no expensive outlays for these! Next was the method section, this is exactly what you need to put Lisa’s tried and tested tools into everyday life! I loved the print out check list/prompts for each section too! If you want to change your life and be in control of your own boundaries this is for you! Yes you might think you don’t have the time, but invest the time in this course, you won’t regret it! Bursting with information and advice make this the one thing you don’t say no to! Thank you Lisa you are an inspiration to us all and I’ve already started saying no and it feels amazing, thank you for giving me that power back!

Hi Lisa, I love your posts!! I don’t always comment on it but I always read it ❤ Yesterday’s post just came at the perfect time, thankful for it xxxx

Yesterday I said No !!!! I set boundaries at work !!!!i was made a manager in November and home life was the plate that was teetering on the edge !!!! I stepped down and went back to my normal role of sales person on the road !!!! Time to have one day off a week with my daughter ! Time to get food shopping done and cook regular meals x time to plan our family life a lot better x

I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying/am Interested in your posts… I haven’t posted anything on Facebook but at the beginning of May my husband left me, he said he didn’t love me anymore and hadn’t for a while. I’ve been to a few dark places where I’ve totally blamed myself but thankfully with the help of friends, family and a lot of your posts, I know it’s not me and I’m now in a good place where I feel positive about mine and the kids future! Some days I felt like your posts were speaking to me!! I just wanted to say, keep up the good work, you really are amazing!

You really are adding such value to my life which is opening a whole new career path and personal journey…I’m a big fan!

Without gushing over your impact on my life thus far id just like to tell you that you potentially saved my life a few weeks back. So if you ever have doubts about what youre doing and the way its changing the world… dont. Cause honestly you changed mine. More than any coach or doctor or business community or anything… knowing i have the ability to stop being a doormat and tools to use has expanded my world.

Reading your blogs helped me stay strong and focused throughout. Even on the days I wanted to just curl up in a ball and hibernate from reality – it would be your posts that would give me a kick up the arse and force me to keep on fighting and do what has to be done. For that I thank you. You have faced so many challenges in your own life that qualifies you to share your knowledge first hand. I don’t think you realise what an inspiration you are to others. Keep being you – continue to believe in yourself and the difference you are making – you are amazing xxx

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It's Lisa Welsh

If it makes you feel like crap...don't let it pass your red rope barrier.

You get to be the one who calls these shots. It's your life.

You have to stand up and make it count.
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If it makes you feel like crap...don't let it pass your red rope barrier.

You get to be the one who calls these shots. It's your life.

You have to stand up and make it count. https://t.co/Cs1UWu6Ojz
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