Decoding The Female Orgasm


In this episode, I will be decoding the female orgasm!

Here’s what’s covered:

  • What is an orgasm?
  • The health benefits of experiencing regular orgasms
  • The science stuff – 4 nerve, 6 pathway theory
  • 8 essential foundations that must be in place
  • 4 things to remember re the female orgasm

What Works For You!

We’re going to get sciency – and then really simple!

Here are the 8 key foundations that must be in place so that you can really experience the most pleasure:

  1. You must feel safe
  2. Focus on what’s happening
  3. Relax and deepen your breath
  4. Let your body soften
  5. Let you emotions flow
  6. Allow yourself to make sound
  7. Allow your body to move
  8. Remember to follow the pleasure – not direct towards a goal!

Your Orgasm – Your Responsibility

The female orgasm really isn’t such a mystery!

It’s important to understand and explore your own body so that you know what feels good to your unique anatomy. It takes courage for a woman to do this, especially if she has been brought up feeling ashamed of her own sexuality.

Keep in mind that the RIGHT WAY to experience sexual pleasure is the way that feels good to you.

Let me say that again…If it feels good to you, and it is consentual – you’re doing it right.

Go Deeper

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