Expand Your Capacity For Pleasure

Expand Your Capacity For Pleasure

Expand your capacity for pleasure.

Do these words bring up any resistance for you?

You probably have some kind of subconscious limit, which determines the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to experience. How much joy are you comfortable receiving?

You might consider pleasure to be self-indulgent and a waste of time.

So, it’s likely that you deny yourself pleasure and push it away.

You’re far more comfortable with self-sacrifice.

You’re Not Broken

Your body is capable of receiving SO much pleasure.

The clitoris alone has 8,000 nerve endings…entirely dedicated to your pleasure.

Your entire body is capable of receiving pleasure.

Nitric Oxide

This tiny happiness molecule is released when you’re experiencing pleasure. It helps to relax the linings of your blood vessels. SO crucial in our current stressed out-rushed world.

Nitric oxide keeps cells healthy and vital.

You can boost your levels of nitric oxide by doing more of the things that light you up – playing, running, sex, hot baths and more!

And it’s naturally depleted when you’re feeling stressed.

I like to think of it as an Eros molecule.

What if you feel numb?

Our society rewards children who can sit quietly, work hard and be productive. That is how we were taught to behave…and this has stuck with us. We are stuck in our heads, trying to get everything done while juggling a million things.

So it’s no surprise if you have tuned out the communication from your body. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to have fun and play.

But you can learn to tune back in again!

Tool Number 1 – Blissful Breath

Focus on your breath to reconnect with your body. Have your eyes closed gently and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth – sighing as you exhale. Remain present and pay attention to how the breath feels in your body.

Allow the blissful breath to bathe you in relaxation, to reset your nervous system and to open you up to receive more pleasure.

Use this breath any time you feel tense, before your self-pleasure practice and before sex.

Tool Number 2 – Feather-Light Touch

Focus on one part of your body (e.g. forearm, cheek, cleavage). Stroke, this part of your body, VERY lightly using only your fingertips. Stroke as gently as you can.

Be aware of the sensation of your body part and your fingertips. Remain present with the feeling. Notice how it feels. Relaxing, erotic, arousing? Notice how your body is responding. You are waking up your nerve endings. As you continue, you’ll be re-sensitising this area and becoming more open to receiving pleasure. You’re re-training yourself to say yes to pleasure.

You can use this feather-light touch to increase sensitivity with any part of your body. And as you go you’ll be activating your skin and expanding your capacity to experience pleasure.

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