How to be more embodied

How To Be More Embodied

In this episode, I explain what I mean by being ‘Embodied’ and why it feels SO GOOD! I discuss how we’ve become so disconnected from our bodies. And then I share 3 simple ways that you can become more embodied in your everyday life.

To be embodied means to be at home in your body – to stop living only in your head. So that you can stop overthinking. And connect with more than just your thoughts – and reconnect with who you really are.

The alternative is feeling numb, being unable to feel full depth of your feelings, feeling off track and just not in line with your purpose.

Why are we disconnected

  1. We live in a neck-up society! As children, we were forced to sit at a desk for hours even though we were longing to run and play. We were punished if we didn’t sit quietly. So we had no choice but to numb our bodies, and disconnect from cravings to move.
  2. We feel that our bodies are inadequate. We’re constantly comparing our bodies to other people (including air-brushed models) and we often feel disappointed. It’s as though our body is failing us by not living up to that standard – and it only gets worse as we get older!

As a result, we feel disconnected. We don’t spend much conscious time in our feeling bodies as adults. And we only focus on everything above the neck. It’s like we’re in denial and start ignoring our body . We stop looking at our bodies and try to hide them.

But we are both, thinking heads and feeling bodies. And they are both essential to our wellbeing.

Why does it matter?

Being more embodied means feeling more relaxed and at ease in your body.

It means appreciating your body, which will make you more inclined to take better care of your body.

Plus, you’ll be better able to focus. After all, the physical body is home of mind.

You will feel more alive, vibrant and present in all areas of your life.

Increasing Sensitivity = Increasing Pleasure

Here are 3 ways that you can be more embodied!

  1. Tune in – start listening to your body and asking: How do I feel? What sensations can I feel? Become aware of the subtle sensations. Increased sensitivity = increased ability to feel pleasure!
  2. Start to appreciate what your body does to keep you alive and functioning in every moment!
  3. Dance! Like nobody is watching. And have fun with it.

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