How To Use Crystals

How To Use Crystals

How To Use Crystals

Are crystals really any more than just pretty rocks?

In this week’s blog, we’ll be diving into the facts and asking if they can really help us to heal.

Of course, there are a lot of doubters on the one side. And plenty of people (like me) in the middle, who are fascinated by crystals but need some more information before going all in!

If you’re like me and need to know more, this blog will answer all of your basic crystal questions:

  • What’s special about crystals?
  • Do they impact the human body?
  • Which are the best crystals to choose?
  • Why and how to cleanse them.
  • Why and how to programme them.
  • And how to use crystals every day.

Let’s jump in!

What’s Special About Crystals?

When you put a crystal under a microscope, they’re undeniably special! In fact, they are one of the most cohesive expressions of physical matter.

At a molecular level, crystals are the most orderly structure that exists in nature. They form beautiful neat rows and connections…the kind that would make a perfectionist weep with happiness.

And their incredibly methodical structures allow crystals to respond to all inputs of energy: light, vibration, sound, electricity etc. All inputs of energy into a crystal will produce a response.

The Piezoelectric Effect

One incredible property, found in many types of crystal (especially quartz), is the Piezoelectric Effect. Scientists have found that squeezing these crystals will produce an electric charge! And vice versa, if you subject a crystal to an electric charge it will ‘squeeze itself’ – causing a vibration at a specific frequency. Here’s where you have probably seen the Piezoelectric Effect in action…

The best-known application is the electric cigarette lighter: pressing the button causes a spring-loaded hammer to hit a piezoelectric crystal, producing a sufficiently high-voltage electric current that flows across a small spark gap, thus heating and igniting the gas. – Wikipedia

Now, tell me that isn’t interesting!

How To Use Crystals

Crystals in Technology

Their meticulous molecular structure makes crystals the number one choice in other forms of technology too.

Radio stations use Clear Quartz because of its ability to conduct energy in such a stable and accurate way. The quartz eliminates ‘noise’ and distortion from the radio waves, leaving a pure, clear sound.

Crystals are also used in LCD screens, watches, clocks and more.

How To Use Crystals

Can Crystals Affect The Human Body?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years – with our ancestors believing they could provide healing, protection and other magical properties. But of course, today there is much debate. I mean, can a carefully chosen amulet really save you from danger?

Let’s consider the facts.

  1. There’s a degree of natural vibrational energy present in each crystal.
  2. There’s a degree of natural vibrational energy present in the human body.
  3. Water is a liquid crystal – and human bodies are 60% water/crystal.
  4. Crystals respond to the input of vibration.
  5. Our thoughts and intentions create a vibrational frequency.

So these are my questions…

  1. Can the vibrational frequency of a crystal impact our human vibrational frequency? (in the way that essential oils do).
  2. Can a crystal stabilise and intensify the frequencies we are omitting? (like they do with radio stations).

I have done a lot of reading about the quantum physics behind these thoughts, completed a course in crystal healing and have even got the Tshirt. So my opinion is: the answer to both questions is YES. But don’t cancel your medical insurance anytime soon!

How To Use Crystals

The Placebo Effect

But what if the whole crystal healing thing is just a placebo? And any impact that we notice from crystals is just all in our mind?

Well, isn’t that beautiful evidence of the incredible role that our mind can have on our physical reality? Belief is incredibly powerful. As is disbelief – google Nocebo Effect to find out just how detrimental negative thinking can be on our health.

Whatever the truth, I like Nikola Tesla’s way of thinking:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

How To Use Crystals

Benefits of Using Crystals

Each different crystal contains slightly different geometric patterns which vibrate at slightly different frequencies – meaning they should impact our cells in subtly different ways.

So, let’s accept that there’s a chance crystals can resonate with our cells on a molecular level. Perhaps they can help to clear up distorted frequencies and move blocked energy.

Here are some of the other main benefits associated with using crystals…

  • Stabilise emotions
  • Resolve past pain
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Manage grief
  • Better sleep
  • Abundance
  • Boost positive energy
  • Provide emotional/spiritual protection

But which to choose? Let’s take a look at 10 of the best!

How To Use Crystals

10 Really Awesome Crystals

And how to choose one!

Choosing a crystal can be really simple. You can either decide based on a particular need or just go with the flow.

Just take a look around at a selection of crystals and notice if you feel naturally drawn to the way one looks.  Pick it up, and tune in to how it feels in your hand. Some people feel a subtle pulling sensation – that’s good. Or a slight weakening sensation – that’s bad. 😀 You might not think you feel anything – so ask in your head – is this the one? Then believe what answer comes up.

Clear Quartz

Benefits: This is considered a Master Healer. Protects against negativity, provides clarity, relieves pain, balances emotions. cleanses the aura, strengthens the immune system, expands consciousness, opens communication, stimulates chakras, eliminates energy blocks and encourages the smooth flow of energy.

Black Tourmaline

Benefits: This is considered a Major Energy Purifier. It releases blocked energy and unwanted anxiety. Black Tourmaline offers spiritual protection and eliminates negative energy. It is used to unblock chakras and needs to be cleansed regularly.


Benefits: Improves clarity of mind. cleanses negative energy, relieves pain, encourages relaxation, good for tapping into past lives. This crystal has a very high vibration – and is often used to help open the crown chakra.


Benefits: Spiritual protection, clears negativity, helps facilitate intuition, boosts communication and prosperity. Calms the mind and body, reduces stress and anxiety. This is a great meditation crystal.


Benefits: Stimulates creativity, joy, well being, activates imagination, enhances mental clarity, allows an open flow of ideas and visualisation. Citrine is a good choice for meditation, strengthening mental output and establishing goals.


Benefits: Considered the stone of opportunity and prosperity. It helps to balance energies, clear negative emotions, reset healthy thought patterns, calm anxiety and promote peace and harmony.


Benefits: Brings out the playful and spontaneous inner child. It improves circulation, clears stagnant energy and supports the lower 3 chakras. Carnelian is said to stimulate creativity, confidence and sexual energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Benefits:  Lapis is said to provide spiritual protection. It relieves stress and anxiety and brings peace. Lapis encourages harmony, self-awareness and expression. It stimulates clarity of mind and creativity. And also inspires confidence, assisting one to confront and speak their truth. Which is perhaps why Inanna adorned herself in this crystal for her descent to the underworld.

Rose Quartz

Benefits: This stone symbolises unconditional love and acceptance. It raises vibration and consciousness. Rose quartz helps us to forgive, let go and heal, with self-love and compassion. It also restores trust and removes feelings of fear and suspicion.

Smoky Quartz

Benefits: Smoky quartz helps ground and balance energy during new beginnings. It is a powerful EMF neutraliser. It’s also used for spiritual healing and to release negative emotions. Smoky quartz is recommended for the root chakra – and improves connection to the physical world.

How To Use Crystals

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

We have discussed the way that crystals transmute and absorb energy – so it makes sense that we manage the energy stored within our crystals.

After all, we don’t want to be surrounded with beautiful crystals which have been impacted by negative energy.

It’s important to cleanse crystals immediately after purchase and after using them for healing/protection work. Otherwise, they may become ineffective.

Fortunately, cleansing your crystals is really easy. Here are 7 simple ways you can try.

  1. Smudging – simply pass a smoking smudge stick of sage over your crystals, with the intention to clear any stagnant energy.
  2. Sound – use singing bowls, binaural beats, humming or your voice, again, with the intention to clear any stagnant energy.
  3. Moon or sunbathing – Place your crystals outside or on a window sill where they can absorb the light of the moon (especially during a full or new moon) or the sun. Be careful that you don’t expose them to direct sunlight for too long – as that could cause cracking or could change the colour.
  4. Place on earth – Place your crystals directly onto the earth or bury them for around 24 hours. Make sure you don’t forget where you buried them!
  5. Large crystals – Place smaller crystals on top of larger crystals to cleanse them.
  6. Nature walks – Take your crystals on a walk through nature, carrying them in your hands on your pocket – and holding the intention to clear any stagnant energy.
  7. Sea Salt or Water – Place your crystals into sea salt or sea salt water. Warning this must only be done with harder crystals – as some can dissolve!
How To Use Crystals

How To Programme Your Crystals

Once you have cleansed your crystal, why not take it up a notch and charge it with the frequency of your intentions?

It’s not so weird when you think about it. If crystals really can respond to and intensify the vibrations of our thoughts – why not send your positive hopes, dreams, wishes and goals to your crystal?

The good news is, it’s REALLY simple.

  1. Choose a crystal that is naturally aligned with your intention – eg if you want to focus on relaxation, don’t choose a crystal known for energising.
  2. Create a space that you would use for meditation – calm, quiet, music if you like, candles are always good. Relax.
  3. Visualise yourself living the intention.
  4. Place the crystal on your forehead, between your eyes (on your third eye chakra) as you continue to visualise.
  5. Finish up by holding the crystal at your heart and sending it thanks and gratitude.
  6. It’s okay to giggle, this stuff does feel funny at first!
  7. Place the charged/programmed crystal in a relevant place. eg if you want more love, place in your bedroom or if you want more abundance, place in your office.
How To Use Crystals

How To Use Crystals

Now that’s a lot of info to set the scene, right? But it’s kind of essential to know all that – so that you can really get the best out of your crystal.

There are loads of ways to use them every day, and here are 10 of the best!


Enjoy wearing your favourite crystals as jewellery, carry them in your pocket, or slip them into your bra. This works best if you know what the crystal is for and have set your intention onto it.


Make your sacred space extra beautiful! Fill it with crystals you have programmed and place wherever you feel drawn to.

1st aid kits

Having a tough time? Choose a selection of tiny crystals to support your specific obstacles and keep them close. Just be careful not to damage them if you’re carrying them around in one pouch.


It can be beneficial to hold a crystal in each hand as you meditate.

On body

You can boost the impact of crystals by placing them directly on your body – especially at the chakra sites.

Self care

Place crystals around your bath – use a crystal roller for facials or massage – or even try a crystal yoni egg or sex toy!

Elixirs and gem waters

Make your own gem water! I recommend the indirect method, where you place your crystal in bowl of water (make sure it isn’t the type that can dissolve). Place a bottle or jar of water into the bowl with the crystal. Then cover and leave for a few hours. You can safely drink the water inside the bottle or container – or use it as a spray – for your body, your home, your sacred space, your puppy, your grumpy husband… 😉

Crystal grid

Harness sacred geometry to intensify the vibrational power of your crystals. When placed on a grid  they vibrate in tune with one another. Hold your intention as you place the crystals on the grid – you can also include feathers/flowers/shells etc.

Crystal circles

Position your crystals in a circle, which is said to generate energy and send it out into the space nearby. You simply lay them in a circle or build a more elaborate concentric design. It’s great to meditate inside a circle of crystals.

Pendulum Dowsing

Using a crystal on the end of a chain, you can amplify the small muscle movements created by your subconscious. This is good for yes/no decisions. Start with a control test so you know what a yes and a no look like…eg is my name Lisa? Yes. Im I 6 foot tall? Hell no! 😉

How To Use Crystals


I enjoy working with crystals for myself, my family home and my clients.

On the most simple level, they are beautiful to look at – like poetry captured in a physical form.

And, considering that they have the potential to intensify our intentions, boost our vibrational energy and even more, it’s a tool that I don’t want to overlook.

Crystal energy healing is very subtle – and perhaps they really can impact our mind, which in turn, could impact our reality.

Of course, crystals aren’t for everyone – but if they are for you, don’t be discouraged by naysayers! We are all experiencing this life as human beings in different ways. We are all on our own paths. So make your own mind up and be your own guru!

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