How To Use Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils

Raise Your Vibe

So you know a bit about essential oils?

  • You know that they smell good…albeit pretty potent!
  • And that they’re extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots, seeds, etc.
  • You know that there are oils to uplift, relax, deal with bee stings…
  • But did you know that essential oils can have a real impact on the frequency of your cells?

Me neither, until recently! So, prepare to have your mind blown and your vibe raised! Because, i’m about to tell you exactly How To Use Essential Oils.

Life Force Energy

So what exactly is captured in those 10ml brown bottles?

What if I told you, each bottle (of the high-grade stuff) is teeming with a subtle bio-energy? The kind that flows through all of life. You can call it chi, shakti or even the pulse of Goddess Gaia.

But what really matters, is that it has an electromagnetic vibrational frequency.

Remember your science lessons? Everything has a frequency!

But the SUPER cool thing about pure essential oils is that they have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance known to man.

Read that again! Pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

Why am I getting excited? Because we can raise our very own frequency by using them!

How To Use Essential Oils

Human Vibration

Your organs and tissues and everything are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms…which vibrate.

So, therefore, you are vibrating. And giving off a frequency. Right now!

Bruce Tainio created a bio-feedback machine to measure frequency. In other words, he measured how quickly the cells move within our bodies.  

Here’s what he found:

  • 62-70 MHz (megahertz) is the frequency of a normal healthy human body.
  • 57-62 MHz cells can start to mutate.
  • 58 MHz is the frequency of your body with the flu.
  • 42 MHz is the frequency of a body which may present cancer.
  • 20 MHz is the measurement of a body entering the death process.

Faster movement = body is able to self-heal. Cells are circulating and regenerating in your body.

Slower movement = more chance of blockages, tumours and disease.

And the good news is that your body is affected by and attunes to its surroundings. In other words, it’s a bloody good idea to surround yourself with things that have a high frequency!

How To Use Essential Oils

Let’s Get High!

So send out a big fat thank you to Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth. Because she provided everything we need to feel good – and our ancestors have been taking advantage of essential oils for 4,500 years!

Maybe they didn’t have a fancy machine, but they seemed to understand that botanicals were very powerful.

You’ll remember, the frequency of a healthy human is around 70 MHz. Well, some pure essential oils go as high as 580 MHz!

  • 580MHz Idaho Blue Spruce
  • 320 MHz Rose Oil
  • 147 MHz Frankincense Oil
  • 96 MHz Sandalwood

We can be affected by these higher frequencies through a process called Entrainment. 

It’s defined as “the synchronisation of rhythms to an external field. When energy fields are in close proximity the weaker frequency can entrain with the stronger frequency and begin vibrating at the higher frequency.”

In simple terms – a substance with a higher frequency can raise a lower one. And pure essential oils work super well with the frequency of the human body because they resonate in harmony with our electromagnetic field. Pharmaceuticals and synthetic oils do not.

How To Use Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils

Well, now we know that pure essential oils are more than just a sweet smelling delight! But, what the best way to use them?

I’m going to share ten of the best ways to make essential oils part of your daily life! Please keep in mind that they are VERY potent. 1 drop of essential oil = 40 million trillion molecules! Too much exposure can overload your receptors and make you unwell.

1 Topical

Despite what you might think – essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly to your skin. Always use an oil-based carrier oil such as grapeseed or coconut oil. Water doesn’t work. Keep away from your mucous membranes and eyes.

2 Massage

Mix 2 drops favourite oils with 1tsp of carrier oil and take your time massaging yourself or your loved ones. Massage increases the absorption of the oils.

3 Direct inhalation

Mix 2 drops favourite oils with 1tsp of carrier oil in your palm and rub your palms together. Cup your hands together over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply. Rub the excess onto your arms.

4 Bath

Add approx 10 drops of essential oils to a warm bath.

5 Inhaler

Try an inhaler stick, simply put a few drops of essential oil onto the wick and inhale as needed.

6 Ultra Sonic Diffuser

These require electrical input. Simply fill the reservoir with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Run the diffuser for no longer than 30 mins at a time.

7 Candle Diffuser

Fill the reservoir with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Light a candle beneath and allow the steam to diffuse the oil. Run the diffuser for no longer than 30 mins at a time.

8 Tissue

Simply place 3-4 drops of essential oil onto a tissue and keep it close by.

9 Steam

Simply place 5 drops of essential oil into a bowl of 2 cups of boiling water and keep it close by. Alternatively place your head over the bowl, cover yourself with a towel and inhale deeply.

10 Soy Candle

Allow a natural-wax candle to burn for approx 5 mins. Then extinguish the flame and place 1 drop of essential oil in the melted wax. Be careful not to get the oil on the wick. Then relight the candle. 


How To Use Essential Oils

Which Oil To Choose

There are thousands of botanical choices – and hundreds of blends you can choose – each with different benefits. But here are seven sensational oils and their brief benefits from The Aromatherapy Companion by Victoria H. Edwards.


Simple and safe to use. It’s useful for depression, insomnia, stress, headache, burns, stings acne, sore muscles, sprains, stiff joints and nervous tension.


It has a calming, balancing, and uplifting effect, making it a helpful treatment for depression, nervous anxiety, and fear. It is an antioxidant, antiseptic, and astringent, and has been used as a treatment for wounds and ulcers.


The most common cough, cold, and sinus remedy throughout the world. Inhaled or rubbed on the chest, helps clear congested respiratory passages. Beneficial for all respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, coughs, and sore throats as well as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and malaria. Used in the bath for its antiseptic action and employed in massage oils and ointments to treat chapped hands, lips, and other skin irritations.


It is an antioxidant. It stimulates the mind, body, adrenals, and memory. Rosemary treats general weakness, mental fatigue, and sore muscles, and is used for hair and skin care. It has traditionally been used for conditioning the scalp and stimulating healthy hair growth. Caution: Rosemary oil is not to be used during pregnancy.


Has a fresh, clean scent that activates the body, dispelling sluggishness and stimulating the central nervous system. Commonly used for detoxification and purification, and as a remedy for almost any ailment. It treats wrinkles, brown spots and oily skin, sore throat, dry brittle fingernails, and infectious disease.


A drop of cypress oil on the pillow has an antispasmodic effect and will ease coughs. Can ease the suffering of hay fever.


Peppermint oil is analgesic, antiseptic, sedative, and cooling. Children love the smell. Inhaling the scent halts negative thoughts. Peppermint oil is a digestive aid, an antidepressant, an antiseptic, and an analgesic (relieves pain). It is used to treat fevers, colds, flu, nausea, respiratory disorders, and kidney and gallstones. It can help clear the sinuses, soothe a headache, and ease the misery of motion sickness. Peppermint oil is hepatic (detoxifies the liver), and an effective treatment for gaseous indigestion and irritated colon.

Plus 2 vibe raising blends you can try!

Bergamot, Peppermint, and Grapefruit: For a self-esteem boost, increased clarity, positivity, and confidence.

Sandalwood, Rose, Orange: Calms the mind and promotes healthy esteem, well-being, joy and positive energy.

How To Use Essential Oils

Bottom Line

Well, I don’t know about you, but I was VERY surprised to find out how essential oils impact our bodies. I now look on my bottles as extra precious gifts from Goddess Gaia/Mother Earth. The quote below encapsulates it all:

Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. cannot live.” – Dr Gary Young

Just remember…essential oils are flammable and extremely potent, literally filled with life force energy and must never be ingested. (I’m not qualified to tell you how to do so safely).

Are you about to dig out your stash and try one of the ten ways to use them?

Let me know your favourite blends!

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How To Use Essential Oils