Reclaim Your Inner Goddess


Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

I’m so happy you’ve decided to take a look at this post. It suggests that, on some level, you believe you have a ‘goddess’ to reclaim.

And you really do!

When I say you can reclaim your inner goddess, I mean get to know the highest version of yourself.

Right at this very moment, she’s already in your nature. You already have the ability to awaken your inner ‘shakti’, your divine cosmic energy.

And you are going to LOVE it.

Step Into YOUR Light

I hope to inspire you to step into the full force of who you are. It’s a journey that takes time, commitment, surrender, patience and a whole tonne of inner work. But it’s the most important and deeply satisfying voyage that you’ll ever make.

The first step to reclaim your inner goddess is to realise that there is more to your life than the mundane busy-work that keeps you occupied. And from there, you can start to identify the limiting beliefs that you currently hold about yourself. I want you to know that:

  • You can heal any feelings of unworthiness.
  • You won’t be held back with constant comparisons.
  • You will stop suppressing your deepest emotions – especially the dark ones.
  • You can finally embrace all of your unique gifts – and see their true value.
  • And you should take up all of the space you need and deserve here on Earth.

We need you to!

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

Current Reality

But before you get tied up in blaming yourself for being out of touch with your inner goddess, let me give you some perspective.

The world around us is seriously out of balance. The feminine is not considered equal. Not respected. Not taken seriously. Not free to ‘be’. It’s the reason why writing posts like this feels a bit rebellious.

In the West, we have it relatively easy, but we are still objectified, abducted, raped, overlooked, ignored, paid less. But the reality for many women, in other parts of the world, is even more shockingly cruel.

Acid attacks, death by stoning, massive pressure to self immolate, ritual cutting or removal of the labia and clitoris (on children!), female infanticide, child sex trafficking and more. And the stories are played down. Buried. Just think of the Medieval Witch Hunts. How often do we think of that as female genocide? It’s exactly what it was.

But let me take it down an emotional notch. As women, our bodies, our emotions, and our very spirits are controlled, tamed and taken advantage of. We’re taught to be ashamed of them. And as a result, we’ve lost the connection to our natural strength.

Fortunately, we live in the digital age and have the internet to enable global connections. Together we can uncover our gifts and offer support to help more sisters rise. And this is for the good of the whole world because it’s not only women suffering from the current state of affairs.

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

Why The Goddess?

I’ve decided to inspire you through the story of the goddess for a few reasons. But before I dive into them, let me state that this method is beyond religion, culture, gender or time. I am not asking you to worship a goddess.

That’s not necessary and it’s not what I do.

Instead, I consider the goddess Archetypes to be a part of our collective human consciousness (male and female). And I consider each goddess’s particular personality traits to be a part of our individual psyches – even if they seem dormant.

Invoking a specific goddess through meditating on her story, or performing a ritual, is about inspiration. Literally to guide and inspire you to embody the particular strengths that each goddess represents.

The goddess myths will resonate with you personally in a unique way, based on your own individual experiences in life so far. They will, therefore, stimulate specific growth and healing within you, to match your particular needs.

As I share stories of different goddesses, you will be invited to heal, to empower yourself, to embrace your flaws, to romance yourself and above all, to treat yourself as though you are an incredible divine creation.

Because that’s what you are. And once you start to believe it, your life will be transformed.

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

How To Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

Of course, simply reading these goddess stories isn’t enough. To achieve real transformation you have to really do the work. I know this is true because I have done it myself.

My VERY first encounter with goddess archetypes was during one of my darkest times. I performed a ritual, privately at home, with no experience and no guidance. And to be honest, I felt utterly ridiculous when I began. I liked facts and to be ‘normal’. I was a straight-A student, I was a good, quiet girl. But I was desperate to escape the emotional torment of my divorce – and nothing else had worked.

Through ritual, I walked the path of the goddess Inanna and descended into the underworld, through the seven gates.

The emotion that it brought up was extraordinary. It unleashed deep grief, which ripped me to shreds. I felt as though I had died and was eventually reborn. Brand new. I knew that I’d discovered something incredibly powerful. I’ll tell you all about it next week.

But, ritual is just one way to use the goddess archetypes to reclaim your own shakti. You can also meditate on a particular goddess and her strengths. You can build an altar or create a vision board about her qualities. You can use prayer. In fact, this is your path, you can create it in any way that works. Be your own guru!

It’s your inner goddess to reclaim. I’ve just been called to share the stories, so follow along if they speak to you.

Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

Bottom Line

I want to make a promise to you. That, no matter how much you have been through. And no matter how hard things feel right now, you have the ability to move to a happier, more peaceful space.

You have everything you need within you. The compassion to forgive and heal yourself. The courage to stand up for yourself. The passion to fall in love with every single aspect of yourself. And so much more.

I invite you to join me on a journey to meet the goddesses, as I share their stories each week and teach you how to access their unique strengths, which are already inside of you.

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Reclaim Your Inner Goddess