What is a yoni egg?

what is a yoni egg

What the heck is a yoni egg? This episode covers everything you need to get started. I cover: What is an egg, who can use one, what can it do, where to get one and how to use it and more.

Plus, I’ll talk you through six exercises that you can do with your yoni egg…one of which will be an exciting addition to your bedroom repertoire.

Basic Yoni Egg Exercises

  1. Basic Kegel – squeeze for 4, release for 4.
  2. Kegel pulse – squeeze, release, squeeze, release.
  3. Elevator lift – squeeze entrance of vagina, middle of vaginal canal and top of vaginal canal. Start at the bottom and work up. And then reverse and work down.
  4. Elevator wave – Listen out for ‘miling the lingam!’
  5. Squeeze all at 3 areas at once and release.
  6. Squeeze from front to back – anus, vaginal entrance and urethra.

So, that should answer the question…What is a yoni egg?

I hope you found this information useful to get you started! Of course, if there’s anything I haven’t covered, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer you.

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